Regardless of their backgrounds, our investors share a common belief that the U.S. remains one of the most exciting geographies in which to invest. They rightly view the U.S. as a gateway to a better future for their families via the EB-5 Investor Visa Program.

They also see U.S. residency as an opportunity to realize superior financial returns for their businesses by gaining access to the U.S. market or through alternative U.S. based investments that LCR is uniquely positioned to source and evaluate.

Our Purpose

To create life-changing value for our investors,
by leveraging our extensive networks and insights into the U.S. market.

Our Strategy

LCR’s strategy is driven by a high degree of focus across three business segments:

Total EB-5 Visas Issued [FY 2018]

Total Number EB5 Investors (2018) Placeholder
Total Number EB5 Investors (2018)

LCR Capital Partners:
Who We Are

Based in Westport, Connecticut and founded by first generation immigrants to the United States who met at Harvard Business School over 20 years ago, LCR Capital Partners (“LCR”) is a global, private investment and advisory services firm.

The firm’s investment capital is sourced from a global investor base of 800+ foreign high net worth (HNW) clients who hail from over 30 countries and represent a diverse cross-section of C-level executives, highly-skilled professionals on H-1B visas, international students, VC/PE investment professionals, family business owners, and aspiring entrepreneurs.


Since entering the EB-5 industry in 2014, LCR has exclusively focused on the development of promising yet untapped emerging markets around the world and is now widely recognized as the industry’s leader in the advancement of the EB-5 program across historically underserved markets outside of China. Rather than depend on a single, highly saturated market, the firm chose to establish a global footprint to drive growth (Miami and São Paulo in 2015, Mumbai in 2016, Dubai in 2018 and Singapore in 2019).

LCR pioneered the entry into these markets by executing innovative capital-raising strategies including the development of strategic alliances with leading global and regional financial institutions and other relevant organizations and associations. These strategic partners view the firm’s EB-5 offerings as a differentiated high-value and reliable solution for HNW families around the world.

Our Mission & Core Values

Be a trusted partner that helps global families access the United States to achieve the American dream.

Our mission is driven by the core values of our firm:

One Firm – We act as one innovative global firm.
Client Focused – We always create value for our clients.
Hard Working Meritocracy – We bring energy and commitment to delivering results.
Mutual Respect – We value each person’s expertise and capabilities.
Integrity – Our say/do ratio = 1.
Compliance – We embrace our processes and systems that ensure compliance.