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Residency+ provides our clients with assistance in navigating the complex transition period during the move to a new country. We aim to assist in understanding the implications and evaluating the options associated with immigration. With LCR’s network of trusted partners, we aim to connect our clients with best of breed partners who will help them achieve their residency goals.

Our five-pillar approach to success:

The LCR team has identified five core pillars needed to create a strong foundation for your residency journey. These pillars are Professional Development, Education, Health, Retirement, and Wealth & Tax.

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Your Journey Through Residency+:

Finding the best providers and negotiating the right relationships is time-consuming. When a client works alone, we estimate it takes 5-8 hours of personal time to identify and engage just one provider. LCR uses its experience and tools to help our clients achieve their best outcomes.

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Residency+ introduction call

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LCR will send you a link to the Residency+ Diagnostic where we measure which of our five core pillars are your highest priorities

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After completing the diagnostic, the results will be interpreted to form your high level priorities. Then LCR will email you your diagnostic report.

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LCR will schedule the first consultation to review the results of the diagnostics and will create a residency strategy that is the best fit for you and your family.

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LCR will introduce you to specific best-of-breed partners to best fit your residency needs