The Portugal Golden Visa Program

New legislation has been passed in Portugal that changes the options available to families interested in Portuguese residency.  LCR is evaluating the new law and will be updating these pages in the near future.

Live in One of the Safest Places in the World

Portugal is one of the world’s most globalized and peaceful nations in the World with great weather all year round. A core member of the European Union, Portugal has maintained a low key stance in comparison with its hyped neighbours like Spain, France and Italy. Unknown to most, it is the oldest country in Europe having maintained its same borders since 868. Portugal also once owned half of the “New World” making it the largest and longest standing global Empire in the World.

The great majority of the population speaks English. It is more affordable! Its beaches are pristine and not overrun with tourists. It is safe. Portugal ranked 4th in the 2018 Global Peace Index as one of the most peaceful nations in the world (Italy ranks 38, France 61 and Spain 30). Portugal is a country that roots itself in common respect for one another and the population is known for its warmth and hospitality.

LCR is evaluating the new legislation for the Portugal Golden Visa and will share updates soon.

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Why Has Portugal Created the “Golden Visa”?

The Portuguese Golden Visa is an investment-based visa which allows the country to obtain foreign capital to assist in boosting the economy and build up less established urban areas. The program has a number of flexibilities which makes the process a lot smoother for the investor.

First created in 2012 and recognised by the OECD

Brought over €7.2 billions to Portugal

More than 12,560 investors have benefited from the program, along with more than 20,240 family members

Currently, the top five nationalities of investors are from: China (5,375), Brazil (1,229), USA (741), Turkey (589) and South Africa (534). Data from Sep 2023.

Portuguese Residency Provides Extensive Benefits to Global Families

Permanent entry and visa-free travel throughout the 26 countries of the EU Schengen Area

The ability after five years to apply for Portuguese Permanent Residency and Citizenship

Residency for dependent children / parents which provides access to European schools & public services on a single property purchase

Seven day residency requirement in the first year and 14 days in the subsequent years

Access to exclusive European investment opportunities beyond real estate

Potentially no taxes on global income because of Double Taxation treaty

The ability to choose to be a non-habitual resident of Portugal and gain tax exemption for certain sources of income for 10 years

The ability to rent your property for income when not in country

Golden Visa Process and Timeline

LCR works to be a trusted advisor by providing program management support and simplifying the process. These are the steps:

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Project & Attorney Selection

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LCR can source an Immigration Attorney if needed, helps prepare your Source of Funds, and works with you to complete your documentation.

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Invest in a qualifying project

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LCR reviews available investments and does due diligence on both the property and the developer to present a strong option that qualifies.

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File the Application & Complete the SEF Interview

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LCR reviews the application and helps you prepare for the interview with your immigration attorney.

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Receive visa & 1 year residence certificate

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LCR provides updates on renewals and is available for further advice concerning steps to achieving citizenship.

How we can help with the Portuguese Golden Visa

LCR’s specialist team is fluent in both Portuguese and English, with the necessary expertise in immigration investment to advise clients.

Together, the team helps potential investors examine the opportunity in detail to determine whether European residency would meet the needs of their families. Lifestyle, educational options and long-terms plans are just some of the things to consider for global families.

From there, LCR helps clients choose a project that offers strong, conservative investment, to ensure the process is as smooth as possible. LCR manages that process step-by-step, working together with immigration attorneys and property developers throughout the journey.

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