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US Citizens consist of two main categories; those who became citizens at birth and those who become citizens through the naturalization process. If you are born in a territory that the US has jurisdiction over or if you are born to a US parent, you are announced a US Citizen at birth. Individuals must go through the naturalization process if they wish to become a US Citizen after birth. US citizens have the right to vote, seek federal employment and run for elected office.

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EB-5 Program Update:

The EB-5 Program has lapsed. The US Congress is discussing the legislation that authorizes the program while USCIS reviews the regulations and policies for filing. Because of the recent court ruling that reversed the 2019 Modernization regulations, the investment level has shifted temporarily from $900,000 back to $500,000.

If the program is reauthorized before the regulations are updated, there may be another window of opportunity to file at $500,000.

LCR expects the program to be reauthorized in February 2022, and continues to work with international families that want to explore alternative residency options.

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