Indirect Jobs

In some circumstances, jobs that are created as a consequence of a business being affiliated with the local center can count towards your EB-5 jobs quota. As long as they are the result of an investment by the EB-5 local center and these jobs are defined as those generated in a profitable enterprise. Once they are linked to the local center either as a direct result of EB-5 investment or collaterally as a consequence. Employment created as a consequence of your EB-5 investment in a local center, such as, if a hotel investment results in a local airport employing a shuttle bus service, this employment counts as indirect and allocated to your EB-5 jobs quota. These jobs should be the jobs created as a direct or ancillary consequence of an investment by the main EB-5 applicant, into a local commercial enterprise. To be considered indirect employment, they must provide the NCE with goods or services. An example of indirect employment might be any contractors employed at a hotel project.

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