I-924A Amendment Application

An addendum to Form I-924. This amendment indicates that a local Center has maintained its eligibility to the USCIS. When the underlying I-924 is passed, the now-designated local center has to file Form I-924A on an annual basis to maintain their eligibility for said designation. Presentation of an I-924 form is subject to a fee of $3,035. Each application should provide information indicating its continued dedication to economic prosperity, any increased productivity in the region, elevated employment levels, and any upturn in national capital investments in the area. [8 C.F.R. §204.6(m)(6)]. Also, the local centers must keep account of all Form I-526 and Form I-829 applications that are approved, the accrued capital they invest; employment created; details of any investors; and details the local center’s management team and systems. If any local center fails to meet these I-924A requirements, or if USCIS determines that the local center is no longer fit for purpose’ then USCIS is within its rights to close any local center.

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