I-924 Initial Application

This application is made at a local center through the Immigrant Investor Pilot Program. Form I-924, Used to apply for Local Center Designation through the existing Immigrant Investor Program, applicants use this to nominate a business as a USCIS-authorized local center for them to receive finance from EB-5 petitioners.

Regional center applicants must include or demonstrate four criteria:

  • They must have a definitive geographical zone and describe how the local center will benefit economic growth in the area;
  • provide proof of how the center will create, either direct or indirect employment, using economic patterning or other tools;
  • provide statements to indicate the extent and origin of the capital invested in the local center;
  • and use detailed projections indicating, in totality, how the establishment of the local center will specifically impact the local economic and employment numbers, notwithstanding its impact on the nation as a whole.
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