Environmental, Social, and Corporate Governance

What is ESG?

ESG stands for environmental, social, and governance.  It is a way to assess a company’s performance on metrics that are not reflected in quarterly financial statements.  ESG can cover a vast amount of organizational practices like employee satisfaction, employee health and diversity encouragement, charitable and eco-friendly efforts, and many more.

By including a review of Environmental, Social, Governance goals in day-to-day management, a firm includes a longer-term view.  It is a recognition that acting on initiatives like lowering the carbon footprint, incentivizing employees’ volunteer efforts, and striving to set and exceed ethical business practices is good for a company’s future and long-term prosperity.

our-team and ESG commitments

Our ESG Commitments

LCR as a firm and a business partner consideres having high ethical standards and a long-term view core to it values.  LCR’s business objective is to offer a whole new future to families from all over the world, and this means taking a multi-generational view on our relationships.

We only want to be associated projects that respect the long-term effects of their developments.  Our goal is create jobs in communities that need them, and welcome talented families that consider America as a new home.

unicef volunteers hexagon


Our ESG commitments drive our efforts to positively impact society and promote sustainable development. Aligned with these principles, we actively support the overarching goals of organizations dedicated to the well-being of children like UNICEF. Through our commitment to social responsibility, we aim to play a role in addressing challenges faced by communities worldwide, particularly focusing on creating a brighter and more inclusive future for children. 

Ukranian War Support map hexagon

Ukrainian War

Being an American-based company running on US ideals, LCR strongly supports the advancement of freedom and democracy and condemns all efforts to curtail it, which is why we donated a considerable sum to Save the Children’s Ukrainian Crisis Relief Fund.  

Harvard model India

Harvard Model UN India

Education is a right and LCR recognizes the vital role it plays in shaping future leaders and fostering global understanding. Supporting this event highlights the company’s commitment to empowering young minds with the opportunity to engage in meaningful dialogue, address pressing global issues, and cultivate their leadership skills. We believe that investing in education will result in a brighter, more interconnected future for us all. 

C-Pace financing solar panel

C-Pace Financing

This government loan can be used to upgrade existing buildings or incorporate sustainability into upcoming developments. Eco-conscious construction not only improves developers’ internal rate of return by implementing green and cost-efficient technology but, long-term, it promotes energy conservation and guarantees the longevity of the building by preparing and equipping it for the imminent eco-friendly future now. Such projects are attractive investment options for LCR and align with the company’s ESG values. 

Our Team

A company can only meet ethical practice goals by employing members who also subscribe to their practices. LCR is proud to employ professionals who give back to their communities.  


Our Partners

In our line of work especially, cooperation is constant. Here, too, LCR doesn’t fail to live up to its ethical standards. Our firm is proud to count a number of ESG-conscious companies — such as HALL Group, US Strategic Metals, and Hall of Fame Village — among its partners.


Hall Group

The Dallas-based commercial real estate development company has accrued a lengthy CV demonstrating its repeated commitment to core ESG values in its 55 years of operations.

USSM-Primary-Logo-FC-CMYK Logo


The only primary Cobalt and Nickel producer in North America seeks to get ahead of the clean energy future, revolutionizing US’s role in it in the process.



Ohio-based entertainment and sports giant recently secured multi-million-dollar funding to implement energy-efficient infrastructure into its 100-acre center.


Royal Palm Companies

The luxury development giant is building the world’s first blue zone center with the help of LCR to revolutionize the way its guests understand “wellness”.

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