Workation: Top 10 Destinations to Combine Work and Vacation

As more individuals adopt remote work in the post-pandemic era, the “workation” phenomenon is becoming increasingly common. This innovative concept balances work and vacation (specifically leisure and travel), gaining currency among workers who desire a better quality of life and new experiences without shirking their everyday responsibilities. This lifestyle change attracts individuals looking for stability in cities that allow them to advance their career and well-being.

Individuals interested in the “workation” life seek stability in cities that offer all the resources they need to allow them access to their own “anywhere office.” Choosing the perfect destination depends on the individual’s priorities, desired lifestyle, and available career opportunities. The ten cities in this list, each with its distinct charms, represent appealing options for remote workers looking for unique experiences while performing their work duties.

International Workplace Group (IWG), the global workspace company that compiled this list, ranks what it considers the ten most suitable cities for workers who want to take full advantage of remote work and its versatility, followed by the reasons that make each city a captivating destination.

Among the criteria that IWG considered when ranking cities according to their suitability for the “workation” lifestyle were quality of life, job opportunities, cost of living, and the ability to provide an enriching experience that balances work and leisure for digital nomads. And now, the top ten cities:


Barcelona, Spain

1. Barcelona, Spain

According to IWG, Barcelona is at the top of the list. ​The city is distinguished by its affordability and rich cultural environment. Moreover, its impressive architecture, mild and welcoming climate, and vibrant community of digital nomads make the city even more attractive for people looking for the perfect combination of work and leisure.


Toronto, Canada

2. Toronto, Canada

In the second position is Toronto, Canada, which stands out for multiple reasons. Thanks to its high quality of life, the city is distinct for its cutting-edge technological infrastructure and excellent internet connectivity. Moreover, its diverse cultural landscape and wide access to job market opportunities make Toronto an ideal choice for the joint work and life experience.

Beijing, China

Beijing, China

3. Beijing, China

Beijing, China, also stands out as an interesting choice. While the language can represent a challenge, the capital is famous for its ever-expanding economy, which is full of networking opportunities with members of globally renowned companies.

Moreover, Beijing surprises everyone with its relatively low cost of living, especially compared to other main economic centers in the world. This makes it a reference point for individuals looking to combine work and leisure advantageously.

Milan, Italy

Milan, Italy

4. Milan, Italy

In fourth position is Milan, Italy, which stands out as a premier destination for contemporary digital nomads. Celebrated as the capital of fashion, Milan is also revered for its internationally renowned food scene and its affordable lifestyle.

Moreover, its strategic location close to many European economic centers makes it an irresistible option for people who want an enriching “workation” experience.

New York, United States

New York, United States

5. New York, United States

It is hard to find someone who has never heard of iconic New York City. Recognized for its majestic architecture and cultural diversity, this metropolis is famous for its renowned theaters, internationally famous tourist attractions, and the intriguing interaction between nature and the urban environment. (Central Park in Manhattan is a famously huge city park, filled with museums and other attractions.)

Moreover, New York offers a vibrant entrepreneurial ecosystem that inspires people seeking new and promising opportunities.

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

6. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Rio de Janeiro is the pride of Brazil in the list of the ten best cities to embrace the “workation” lifestyle. Apart from its unique tropical features, rich biodiversity, and stunning beaches, Rio stands out for its efficient integrated transport system, making exploring tourist attractions a seamless experience. Moreover, it has incredible gastronomic diversity, with more than 15,000 bars and restaurants spread across the city.

Rio also has countless shared coworking spaces, many of which bear the seal of the Rio Digital Nomads program, launched in 2021, to make the city even more captivating for digital nomads looking for a “workation.”

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Amsterdam, Netherlands

7. Amsterdam, the Netherlands

In seventh position is Amsterdam, in the Netherlands, which stands out as an attractive location for digital nomads.

Amsterdam is known for providing a great quality of life, which makes it an ideal destination for those seeking the “workation” lifestyle. Moreover, it is an innovation and technology hub, that, as an added bonus, offers an excellent public transport infrastructure that enables mobility.

All these factors make the city an excellent choice for people who want to combine work and leisure.

Paris, France

Paris, France

8. Paris, France

Of course Paris, the City of Lights, cannot be omitted from this list. In the eighth position in the IWG ranking, the city is a cultural and historical gem that offers a unique experience.

Paris is renowned for its famous tourist attractions, delicious cuisine, and ideal infrastructure for people considering the possibility of settling remotely.

Jakarta, Indonesia

Jakarta, Indonesia

9. Jakarta, Indonesia

In the ninth position is Jakarta, the capital of Indonesia. Although not famous as a large economic center, this city stands out for offering an affordable cost of living, making it an ideal place for digital nomads. Moreover, Jakarta hosts a strong community of remote workers in a pleasant tropical environment.

Lisbon, Portugal

Lisbon, Portugal

10. Lisbon, Portugal

In the tenth position in this ranking is Lisbon, the capital of Portugal and known as a pleasing option for the “workation” life. Lisbon is famous for its affordable cost of living compared to other European cities.

Its mild climate especially attracts workers looking to escape harsh winters. Moreover, the city plays a crucial role in the growth of startups and has become a rising technology and innovation hub.

What factors are important to consider for a successful “workation”?

When deciding where to establish a successful “workation,” it is essential to consider various factors. Among them are the quality of the internet infrastructure, the availability of affordable accommodations, the cost of living, the quality of life, safety, easy access to basic services, and the presence of local attractions aligned with personal preferences.

What are the benefits for workers who adopt “workation” as a lifestyle?

The benefits of living the “workation” life include the flexibility to work from inspiring locations, the opportunity to experience new cultures, a sense of freedom and autonomy, and the possibility of improving work-life balance. What’s not to love?

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