Why Invest in the United States?

A question that many wealthy non-North American people around the world often ask is why invest in the United States? People who have moved to North America to work and live often say it is an investment in oneself as much as anything.

The following information provides the chief factors people moving to the US find compelling. In this article, four key reasons why investors should make the US their first choice for asset development are provided;

  1. Best Global Economy
  2. Largest Consumer Market
  3. Best Legal System including Intellectual Property Rights Protection
  4. Best Education System

1. Best Global Economy

The United States is known for its excellent economy, net wealth and its GDP is one of the highest in the world for a single country. America also has nearly a 24 per cent lead share of the international market. The lead gives the US a massive advantage over the second largest national market, China, where is there around 15 per cent of the global share.

The US is also ranked number 2 on the Global Competitiveness Report’s index for 2019 by the World Economic Forum. The Global Competitiveness Report compared 141 other world economies that measured national competitiveness. The index determines the ranking across 12 sections. these sections were;

  • business dynamism,
  • financial systems,
  • health,
  • ICT adoption,
  • innovation capability,
  • institutions,
  • infrastructure,
  • labor market,
  • macroeconomic stability,
  • skills,
  • product market and
  • market size.

However, the US dropped from its previous 1st place in 2018 to second in 2019. Singapore barely gained the 1st place position this year. Other countries which have offered visa programs for investors have performed much less than the United States in 2019. For example, Australia was ranked at 16th, Canada placed at 14th and the United Kingdom placed at 9th in the world. The United States continues to be the most attractive country for investments and attracting new business.

2. A Lucrative Consumer Market

The United States currently holds the world record for being the largest single consumer market. The US also enjoys a GDP of nearly $20 trillion. Families in the US spent more than $13.3 trillion in 2017 for household goods and services. This is more than three times the spending of families in the country listed in second place. This amount also accounts for over a quarter of the world’s global household purchases. There are many advantages to being in the United States.

For example, living in America helps a foreign investor stay close to the leading business headquarters that are often located in the US. Investors are also close to suppliers and a large customer base. The United States is also home to one of the most diverse markets in the world. The US also has one of the best infrastructures in the world with large seaports for containers and international bulk-cargo airliners which contribute to the United State’s success in the world market. The US also has a free-trade agreement with several countries that open trade ability to other large growing markets around the world.

3. Best Legal System including law which protects Intellectual Rights

Another huge benefit for international investors is the US legal system. The US has an extremely transparent and predictable legal system which focuses on the protection of intellectual property rights. This business-friendly legal environment is responsible for harvesting increased innovation in the US and the world.

Of the patents granted in the United States during 2015, over 52 per cent originated from a foreign country. For international innovators who take their time and money and invest it in research and development, are careful as to where they gain their patents. For a number of creators, the United States legal system offers one of the best ways to protect their intellectual property from being compromised. Employers also have many options that help them protect their technology and ideas. They are able to register copyrights, patents, trademarks and businesses. They can do this through license contracts and non-disclosure agreements with their employees. The United States is renown for their protection under the law of international entrepreneurs, innovators and inventors.

4. Best Education System

One of the better-known facts that is the strength of the US education system. The United States is home to a number of top institutions. For example, according to the report released by US News and World Report, 8 out of the 10 top universities globally have their home in the United States. In fact, the top four universities in the world are located in the United States. These are;

  1. Harvard University
  2. Massachusetts University of Technology
  3. Stanford University
  4. University of California, Berkeley

Two of the top 10 global universities are also public universities. These are UC Berkeley and the University of Washington. However, besides the top universities in the world, there are a number of options for individuals seeking specific training and education. There are also nearly 4000 institutions that offer higher education programs.

There are also additional educational benefits to green cardholders in the United States. For example, green card holders are able to apply to receive a reduced cost for in-state tuition for public state universities. These reductions can decrease the cost of tuition by nearly 50 per cent. 

The US also offers a Scholarship Resource Network lists of nearly 8,000 undergraduate and graduate scholarship programs. It also has claim to a College Board lists of an additional 2,000 undergraduate scholarships, loan assistance programs and internships. The US education and scholarship programs are indeed the best in the world.

How to one apply for a green card and enjoy what America offers?

The US green card is one of the most desired immigration documents in the world. For a number of people, obtaining a US green card is an important achievement and a major stepping stone to reach their goals of success.

Fortunately, there are a number of ways a foreign national can get the green card. For example, foreign nationals with a high-net-worth-are able to receive the green card through investment programs. For those who can invest $900,000 into the EB-5 Investors Program can get green cards for themselves, a spouse and family members who are unmarried and are under 21 years of age.

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