Why India is in top 5 nations globally to obtain Portugal Golden Visa

For the past two years, India has ranked among the top five nations of origin for recipients of the Portugal Golden Visa, ranking #4 in 2022 and #5 in 2021. (The other top nationalities in 2022 were, in order, the United States, China, and Brazil, with the United Kingdom ranked #5.) According to a study by LCR Capital Partners, 79% of Indian recipients of the PGV in 2022 applied for it for business reasons, and 14% applied to reunite with family members. Another major reason Indians have applied for the PGV has been tax relief. India has a “double taxation agreement,” that is, a tax relief treaty with Portugal, ensuring that PGV holders won’t receive a Portuguese tax bill for income they have already paid taxes on in India. (Just be ready to provide documentation!) Other reasons the PGV appeals to India investors more than, for example, the Dubai Golden Visa include the comfortable climate in Portugal, the ready access to the European Union provided by the PGV, and the ability to gain permanent residency and eventually citizenship after five years of holding the PGV.

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