The Impact of Immigration and the EB-5 Program: A Spotlight on LCR

viewpoint logoIn a recent feature on Viewpoint with Dennis Quaid, LCR Capital Partners was highlighted for its pivotal role in utilizing the EB-5 investor visa program to foster economic growth and job creation in the United States. The episode sheds light on the transformative power of immigration, emphasizing the significant contributions of immigrants to the American economy and the innovative ways in which LCR Capital Partners is facilitating this process for foreign nationals.

Immigration has long been recognized as America’s superpower, a driving force behind the nation’s innovation, cultural diversity and economic strength. In fact, over half of Silicon Valley’s most successful companies over the past two decades were founded by first-generation immigrants, illustrating the significant impact that immigration has on the US economy and society overall.

A central focus of the Viewpoint feature was the EB-5 investor visa program which is hailed for opening doors to these bright minds and attracting resources into the US. Over the past 30 years, the EB-5 program has brought over $45 billion into the United States, creating jobs at no cost to the American taxpayer and underscoring its effectiveness in economic development.

LCR Capital Partners is a key player in this space, with our offerings of private investment and advisory services to individuals and families seeking global opportunities through investor visa programs. Our work supports the overarching goal of the EB-5 program: to facilitate immigration that not only creates jobs and stimulates the economy but also drives innovation within America’s borders.

The episode also highlighted this unique aspect of the EB-5 program in targeting “global families.” As Executive Chairman and Founder Suresh Rajan puts it, “They’re not the one-percenters in the US; they’re the .001 percenters in their home countries. They’re coming to the US to bring their resources and their drive to embed in the US economy and grow it.” These immigrants aren’t a drain on resources but are instead providers through their investments and entrepreneurial ventures.

LCR Capital Partners is committed to helping immigrant investors and their immediate families achieve permanent residency in the United States through the EB-5 program. This program not only facilitates a more straightforward path to residency compared to other visa options but also significantly contributes to the nation’s economic growth. By making a one-time investment into an EB-5 project that creates ten or more American jobs, these investors can secure green cards for themselves and their immediate family members. Other visa options are contingent on the visa holder’s employment and eligible sponsorship, or on having family members already in the US.

The Viewpoint feature eloquently captured the essence of immigration as a cornerstone of American prosperity and innovation, and the power of the EB-5 program in perpetuating this tradition. By helping foreign investors to realize the EB-5 visa as an avenue toward US residency, LCR Capital Partners makes the American dream a reality for all types of global families and individuals. Ultimately, the EB-5 visa program underscores the United States’ identity as a beacon of opportunity, welcoming not only its own citizens but also members of the global community eager to add to its wealth and vibrancy.

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