The total value proposition found in the EB-5 Visa

Eligible foreigners seeking to enter into the EB-5 visa program can qualify by investing the minimum amount of $500,000 into a new commercial enterprise. However, investor has only until November 21st of this year when the minimum amount will increase by $400,000 to $900,000. Investor’s spouse and children under 21 years old may also qualify on the application to receive visas along with the principal investors.

Why choose the EB-5 Visa?

The EB-5 does not have requirements such as education, language, skill or management to qualify for the program. The program also does not need an employer sponsor in order to qualify for the program. When investors have gained their visa, they will have conditional permanent residency to live and work within the United States during the time they meet their EB-5 visa requirements. Once investors have met these requirements and have gained an approved I-829, they will be granted unconditional permanent residency. EB-5 visas also mean that the investors will not have limitations to where they live, work or where they go to school and study.

Advantages of the EB-5 Visa

By investing in an EB-5 visa, investors and their family have a number of advantages by living and working in the United States. One of these advantages is the opportunity to live the American Dream. The American Dream refers to the ability for those living in the United States, no matter where they came from, are able to obtain their goals and become successful through hard work, determination and risk taking.

Guaranteed freedoms

Another great advantage of living in the United States is the increase of civil liberties when compared to a number of other countries. For example, the US offers freedom of religion and speech. Both of these freedoms are surprised in other countries and are even punished for those who try to exercise freedom of expression.

Broad economy

The US also has a strong and reliable economy which has a strong past history. Currently, the US is celebrating the lowest unemployment rate in its history of 3.7 per cent. The US has strong industry growth, a booming housing market and the lowest interest rates it has seen in years.

U.S. Education

One of the top reasons that a number of families migrate to the United States is due to the countries “world-class” education. Parents want their children educated in the US to increase their chances of a successful future. America is home to 8 of the 10 best universities in the world. These include Harvard, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and University of California (UCLA) Berkeley.

Leading healthcare quality

America also has great healthcare facilities around the country. For most medical conditions, the United States is the ideal place to be to seek the best care. A number of the more modern facilities can be found in almost every city. The US also is a major leader in the world when it comes to medical research which allows for the most advanced treatment methods with the most modern technology.

Great place to live

When it comes to great places to live, there are a number of great options in America. Foreign EB-5 investors have an opportunity to choose where they want to be based on the best geography and weather conditions that they like.

Investors in the EB-5 program do not need to live in the same area of their investment. The situation means they are able to live in any area they wish. Investors also have the freedom to travel in the United States with their EB-5 visas. They can enjoy seasonal travel to places like Aspen for snow skiing and enjoy the weather and beaches of Southern California.

World-class entertainment

Possibly the most popular part of living in the United States is entertainment. For a number of decades, the US has been a world leader in the entertainment industry. The film industry in America is the largest and the oldest in the world. Hollywood movies are not the only thing that is special about American entertainment, but the US is known as a leader in music, video games, TV and book publishing.

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