US Ranks High on Cost of Living, Climate Change, and Other Indexes

What the newest rankings, presented by Numbeo, tell us about life in the US
In the realm of global economics, where investors seek promising ventures and stable environments for their capital, the United States stands tall as an emblem of opportunity and prosperity. Recent data reports by Numbeo, a crowdsourced online database of perceived consumer prices, real property prices, and quality-of-life metrics, shed light on key indicators that further solidify the United States’ position as an attractive destination for foreign investment. A number of datasets also set it apart as an exemplary living choice, on top of being a haven for business and a nurturer of careers.

Cost of Living Index

Numbeo’s cost of living dataset provides indices for 370 world cities relative to New York City, which served as a benchmark, with a baseline of 100%. So, for instance, the cost of living index of 109.6 for San Francisco signals that the city is 9.6% more expensive than New York. Many US cities fare favorably in this regard, ranking high on the global list and making the United States the most represented country in the Top 50. This may seem like a disadvantageous outcome, but that’s only a surface-level read of the numbers. It’s important to remember that places with a higher cost of living typically offer higher salaries, so the frequent placement of US cities in the Top 50 (and beyond) signals an American economic advantage and a global edge when it comes to work compensation.

Purchasing Power Index

Numbeo’s purchasing power index measures the relative purchasing power of a currency within a specific location. In essence, it reflects the amount or number of goods and services one can afford with a given amount of money. As expected, US cities appear frequently, ranking high in the dataset. A high purchasing power index indicates favorable living conditions and a robust economy in a particular location. It means residents have greater buying power relative to other areas, leading to improved living standards and access to a wide range of goods and services. This economic strength attracts businesses, encourages entrepreneurship, and drives innovation. Ultimately, a high purchasing power index contributes to a higher standard of living by enabling individuals and families to meet their needs comfortably and to pursue personal goals with financial security.

Climate Index

Numbeo’s climate index evaluates the climatic conditions of cities worldwide, considering factors such as temperature, precipitation, and overall weather patterns. It’s rated on a scale of –100 to 100. Cities with a climate index of 100 have moderate temperatures, low humidity, and no major adverse weather conditions. Datasets like this can sometimes be subjective, since different people prefer living in different weather conditions, but the United States boasts diverse climatic zones, offering something for everyone—from the sunny beaches of California for lovers of balmy weather to the snowy peaks of the Rockies for those who feel best when it’s colder outside. This versatility ensures that individuals can find environments conducive to their preferences and needs.

Pollution Index

In today’s environmentally conscious world, air quality plays a pivotal role in shaping the desirability of a location. All the economic benefits in the world are not worth the price of a person’s health and well-being. Luckily, Numbeo’s air pollution index reveals that US cities rank low in air pollution, signifying unspoiled air quality and a commitment to environmental sustainability. Apart from Los Angeles and Salt Lake City, US cities don’t even start appearing in the global pollution list until the 117th spot, for New York. This low level of pollution not only enhances the quality of life for residents but also underscores the United States’ dedication to safeguarding public health and preserving natural resources, signaling that, in America, a strong economy and healthy living can and do go hand in hand.


These rankings highlight the United States’ resilience and adaptability in the face of global challenges. Despite the complexities of the modern world, the US remains a beacon of stability and opportunity, offering a supportive environment for individuals, businesses, and investors alike. From a favorable cost of living to robust purchasing power, diverse climates, and clean air, the US presents a compelling opportunity for those seeking prosperity and growth.

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