US Investor Visa: Why are Indians lining up for EB-5

Wait times for US green cards for Indians with H-1B visas are now 15 to 18 years, so Indians who can afford to are applying for the EB-5 investor visa instead. The application process requires great care; applicants must ensure that the funds for their $800K investment come from completely legal sources, clearly documented. When searching for Regional Centers in the US in which to invest their funds, applicants must ensure that the center has a valid license and has been recertified with USCIS. And some Regional Centers are owned by the company raising the capital for it, which creates a conflict of interest. This article, by Shilpa Menon of LCR Capital Partners, explains the ins and outs of choosing advisors, fund managers, and immigration attorneys who can guide you through the EB-5 process, from initial application through green card.

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