US Golden Visas applications surge 3-fold y-o-y in 2022

The US’s new 2022 EB-5 investor visa reforms allow Indians and other foreign nationals already in the US with legal visas to adjust their visa status without returning to their home countries. As a result, in 2022 twice as many Indians already in the US have requested to convert their existing visas to the EB-5 investor visa program over the previous year. This visa is targeted at high-net-worth individuals who wish to obtain a US “golden visa” by investing in a specific project in the US. The EB-5 investment requirements are $800,000 (to invest in a TEA, a “targeted employment area” characterized by high unemployment) and $1,050,000 (for investments in non-TEAs). According to Suresh Rajan of LCR Capital Partners, “Virtually all of the investments will come under the $800,000 investment area naturally because it is the lower investment level.” He adds that the $800,000 investment level “does not target large program areas with good employment levels. It goes to marketplaces that need investment for job creation.”

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