The Best States in the USA

When it comes to deciding on the best place to live in the United States, one should consider not only the aspects of the country as a whole but also your personal goals, such as your cultural and professional preferences. The criteria for choosing the best place to live can vary and depends on the goals of individuals and their families.

To measure the performance of the individual states within the country, you should consider the most important aspects for their populations. Some states gain prominence for health care, economy, or infrastructure, whereas others stand out for education, opportunity, or any combination of aspects.

The “US Best States 2021” ranking by US News & World Report relies on thousands of data points to measure the performance of the states for their residents in a way that gives more weight to some measures than others, based on a survey about what matters most to residents such as health care and education. Here are some of the results for the top-performing states in this survey.



Based on metrics such as the economy of a state, its infrastructure, public safety, fiscal stability, and opportunities for its residents, Washington State was considered the best state in the United States in the overall ranking, according to US News & World Report.

Located in the northwest of the United States, this state gains prominence mainly for offering significant infrastructure, education, and health care to its inhabitants.

In the industrial sector, the state stands out for its production of planes, ships, software, and electronics and is home to the headquarters of major companies, such as Boeing, Microsoft, Starbucks, and Amazon.


Minnesota is second in the overall ranking based on the opportunities it provides its citizens, especially in services, an area that corresponds to most of the state’s economy.


The manufacturing industry is also important, with electronic equipment, processed foods, and machinery as its main goods, turning Minnesota into the biggest financial and industrial center of the central-west region.


Located in the Rocky Mountain region, Utah is third in the overall ranking, gaining prominence for its economy and fiscal stability and becoming one of the most important transportation and telecommunication hubs in the western United States. Tourism in the region also contributes to the state’s economy, becoming an essential source of wealth.

utah rocksNew Hampshire, Idaho, Nebraska, Virginia, Wisconsin, Massachusetts, and Florida also made the list of the best US states. We should emphasize that these rankings were based on the opinions of the local population.

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