List of States in Order of Happiness

Studies have shown that the Hawaiian Islands are home to some of the happiest people in the United States. A study from WalletHub produced a list showing the Happiest States within the United States and ranked them 1-50 as the happiest to the least happy.

The study by WalletHub began by conducting a survey that compared each of the 50 states with three factors. The First was how the states compared in physical and emotional well-being. The second factor rated each state with work environment and community. Lastly, the environment was figured in due to previous studies showing better-balanced life in areas with a good economy and healthy social and physical environments. WalletHub then further evaluated each state using a 31-point metrics to test the overall happiness comparison. The metrics included areas such as weather, income, working hours and sleep cycles.

The happiest state

The happiest state was awarded to Hawaii. It ranked first for the best physical and emotional well-being with low rates of depression found in adults. The second happiest state was given to Utah that is ranked as the countries best place for marriages as it has the lowest divorce rates in the United States. Utah also scored high and was rated as one of the best work environments compared to other states. Minnesota made it to the top third state, with a low divorce rate and exceptional records in safety.

The study also showed that an overall trend the states that had the most unhappy populations in the United States were the southern part of the US. The lowest rating state for happiness was West Virginia and showed high levels of inadequate sleep rates and depression. The next to the lowest was Arkansas at 49 on the list that was perhaps linked to its high level of depression and low amounts of active sports participation. At 48 was Louisiana that showed more work hours and high rates of divorce.

States in order of happiness

Top 10 happiest states study and point score (1-100) by WalletHub:

1. Hawaii (68.27)
2. Utah (67.84)
3. Minnesota (67.26)
4. North Dakota (65.62)
5. California (63.14)
6. Idaho (63.09)
7. Maryland (61.78)
8. Iowa (61.07)
9. South Dakota (60.80)
10. Nebraska (59.11)

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