Retiring or Living Abroad In Coronavirus Times: Portugal is a Good Choice

After a long struggle, the Coronavirus, or COVID-19, is beginning to be contained. The world’s economies are starting to recover after the long battle that has been devastating to a lot of people around the world.

However, living through this experience has taught us a number of lessons in life and how we should prioritize what is important to us. Since the recovery has begun, people in the world are reexamining their life and their future. Many people may also be looking at what options are available overseas.

To create a better lifestyle that would be better prepared in the case of such an event happening again, is what is important now to more and more people. No matter what may happen tomorrow, it is important to have a plan to protect yourself, your family and your assets. It may no longer be a good option to place your faith in a single government, currency, market or economy. Is it now possible to rise in the morning and not be afraid of what you may see on the news? Are you in a place that you can organize your life and endure any storm, come what may? These are now important questions that we must ask ourselves for ourselves and our families’ future.

While we are looking at what the last half or 2020 has brought us, we now have an opportunity to think about how we would like to see our life in the future. The world was taken by surprise at how fast the pandemic changed our lives. In some ways, these changes will last forever. A number of countries are still trying to recover from the devastation that was brought on so quickly to their people and their economies.

For a number of people, the option of changing their location to an overseas place seems like a good idea. A change from the mundane, to a lifestyle that fits your tastes and a place to invest your hard-earned money. It may not be feasible to jump on a plane and begin to explore your options today, but soon there may be a chance to decide where you can see yourself in the near future. Once the travel bans have been lifted, there are several places that should be considered if you are looking for a place that will provide you with a safe and healthy fresh start. If this is your case, have a look at the opportunities offered in Portugal.

Portugal’s Algarve Coast

Once you have had the opportunity to explore the places where you would like to see your future, it is a good decision to visit Portugal’s Algarve Coast. The experience may give you the ability to see yourself in a different but comfortable life for you and your family. Imagine waking up in the morning to the sounds of locals announcing the fisherman’s latest catch. The soft sounds of bicycle bells replacing the blasting sirens and heavy traffic. For over one hundred miles of beautiful beach, the coast of Portugal has been formed by centuries of carving by the Atlantic Ocean. There are caves and arches that have been made by mother nature and provide a wonderful morning view every day. This is why Portugal’s Algarve region has been one of the most popular places for people to retire for a number of years. The area offers a picture-perfect lifestyle and a number of benefits that cannot simply be ignored.


The year-round sunshine is a pleasant gift each morning when people wake up to begin their days. The climate of Portugal is considered one of the most stable in the world, with over 3,300 hours of sunshine each and every year. Without severe weather months, it is Europe’s best place for weather conditions that will make a comfortable stay in the country. No more dreary months of non-stop rain and smog, Portugal provides a perfect place to settle and bask in the beautiful sunlight all year long.


Portugal is considered one of the safest places in the world. In fact it ranks among the third safest countries internationally. The presence of violent crime is extremely rare. Perhaps the most troublesome crime is only limited to the occasional pickpocketing that may appear during a busy tourist season. Portugal has also distanced itself from all the drama of the immigration crisis that has affected many countries around the EU. Unlike most countries in Europe, Portugal spends more time developing their own people’s future and does not like to get involved in petty wars and international conflicts. Instead, it focuses on the well-being of its own people.

Strong Infrastructure

Portugal not only has spent much time and effort into developing strong programs for its people but also invested in the country. These investments into areas such as the infrastructure in the past number of years has made the country more resilient and prepared it for future growth opportunities. The new construction in airports and highways have connected the country to the rest of the world. Portugal is now a great starting point to reach all of Europe and North Africa.

Standard International Health Care

The Healthcare system that can be found in Portugal meets the standards that are found in other countries and is known for its high quality. Another huge benefit of the healthcare system in Portugal is that patients can be treated for a number of illnesses at only a fraction of the cost. When compared to the healthcare cost for normal procedures in the United States, healthcare in Portugal is much more reasonable. When investing in your future in Portugal, it is also a great benefit to become a resident. Once you have gained your citizenship, the cost of public health care is free.


For those you have decided to retire and devote their time to gold, Portugal is perhaps one of the best places in the world to go. In Portugal’s Algarve region, there are over 42 courses within 100 miles to choose from. This means that golf, added with the perfect weather of Portugal, may not help your score, but it will give you plenty of time to improve it.

Affordable Living Cost

With all the tourist and retirement activity in the country, one would expect Portugal to have a very high cost of living. However, this is not the case. In fact, the cost of living in Portugal is nearly 30 per cent lower on average than in any other country in Western Europe. People could retire quite comfortably at 1,300 euros per month. For those who have up to 2,000 euros per month, their lifestyle would be much more than comfortable. Currently, the dollar is able to purchase a lot of euros.

The Language

While it would be a good idea to learn to speak the local language, and it is a requirement to have at least some basic skills to apply for citizenship, English will still help you get around. Learning to speak the local language will not be as hard as one may think. While getting to know the local people, you will pick up on words such as greetings and other polite conversation words.

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