Responding to the Humanitarian Crisis in Ukraine

LCR has been deeply saddened to see the invasion of Ukraine by Russia and the resulting humanitarian crisis. As a company, we work with families all over the world helping them, and their children, to become global and take advantage of opportunities all across the world. To see Ukrainians being forced to move from their offices to bunkers, or from leading productive lives to being refugees, is sickening.

We believe in global opportunities and the growth that occurs when people live and work in new countries. We believe in governments that open up opportunities for their citizens and enable investment to promote growth and the creation of good jobs. Seeing international students flee and whole communities upended by a war designed to restrict international commerce and install an authoritarian government is demoralizing.

The war is having an immediate human impact in Ukraine, forcing sanctions to isolate Russia, and putting pressure on the global economy. To respond, LCR has decided to focus on a charity that is based near our offices in Connecticut. We have made a meaningful contribution to Save the Children’s Ukrainian Crisis Relief Fund and have asked our teams and partners around the world to consider this charity, or others they feel can help make a difference.

After two years of pandemic and economic challenges, the world does not need military engagements, it needs economic development, personal advancement, and support for families so their children can grow up in prosperity.

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