Portugal y la Tribu Nómada Digital

The situation generated by COVID-19 greatly accelerated the “Digital Nomad” culture. There are currently 35 million digital nomads around the world, and it is estimated that this figure could reach one billion by 2035. This trend has generated a large number of digital nomads looking to work remotely from various places. Interestingly, Portugal is becoming one of the favorite destinations for Digital Nomads. Many people have opted for visas such as the D2, D7 or the Golden Visa of Portugal (PGV) with which they are allowed to live and work in the country. “Making a comparison, digital nomads with greater economic resources prefer PGV, especially because it grants greater freedom to travel in the European Union and, on average, only required to stay in Portugal for 7 days a year,” explained Víctor Espinosa, Senior Director of LCR Capital Partners.

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