Portugal: The perfect country for living abroad after the pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic has had a lot of impact on people’s lives. Its consequences over the past two years have been particularly noticeable in our work, education, health, and lifestyle. People who were used to the hustle and bustle of big cities now prefer the peace and quiet of remote spaces. As a result, they are choosing to maximize comfort, combine work with leisure, and change priorities, especially when it comes to buying a house for permanent residency.

Working from home has opened up new options that once seemed very far from becoming reality. What were just predictions for the future of work became routine. The possibility of working from anywhere in the world with flexible schedules has provided a better quality of life for workers, allowing new goals and dreams, such as living in another country.

Portugal has proved to be a perfect destination for those who are choosing a country as their new home. A study by Forbes showed that Portugal is the best country to live in after the pandemic due to its wide range of opportunities.

Considered the third-safest country in the world, according to the Global Peace Index 2022, Portugal has stunning landscapes, quality education, an affordable cost of living, and many job opportunities. These are just some reasons that Portugal has become the perfect place for people interested in living abroad and enjoying a first-world quality of life.

With the recent changes in the Portugal Golden Visa program, the acquisition of residential properties is allowed only outside urban centers, but this has not reduced the demand for Portuguese investor visas. Despite the search for urban centers being strongly associated with many options of good national and international schools and universities, which attracts the children of investors, specialists expect that the changes in the program will encourage development in areas with lower population density.

According to Idealista/data’s annual report on the 2022 residential real estate market, the search for homes with more outdoor space, new environmental and ecological trends, and a space dedicated to remote work has increased demand and prices in the outskirts of big cities. The report also predicts that the search for real estate in Portugal will continue to increase in 2022, with an estimated 10% growth in property sales. In other words, the number of houses sold will continue to increase, especially in less congested residential areas, bringing international investments to the Portuguese countryside, the Azores Islands, and Madeira as well as Alentejo and parts of Algarve, the most sought-after destinations due to their climate and their proximity to the loveliest beaches in the country.

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