Portugal: Europe’s top destination

Offering the best of the old and the new, Portugal is one of the most popular countries among foreigners who want to live in Europe. The country has many excellent cities to live in, each with a different lifestyle, and offers residents appealing possibilities for cosmopolitan life without making them give up the charm of the Old World. Portugal comprises kilometers of golden beaches, green zones, hills, and other stunning landscapes, all combined with the benefits of a First World country.

Top 10 European destination

It is no wonder that Portugal ranks among the top European destinations in 2022, according to the World Travel Awards. Apart from its outstanding characteristics, such as its famous cuisine and its cultural and architectural heritage, Portugal delivers excellent performance in several dimensions of modern well-being, according to the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development’s Better Life Index, which rates OECD countries according to 11 socioeconomic indicators, with scores regarding health, climate, safety, and environment, among others. Portugal scores particularly well in housing safety and environmental quality.

When it comes to the best destinations among European cities, Portugal scores high. Its capital, Lisbon, is situated on the Atlantic Ocean coast and ranks fifth among the top European destinations in 2022. In the same 2022 ranking, the city of Porto in the north of the country sits in the eighth position. And it’s no surprise that, in April 2022, Condé Nast Traveller rated Porto the second-best city on the continent in its “Best Cities in Europe” ranking, beating out Rome, Paris, London, Milan, and nearly every other city (except Istanbul…but there’s always next year). The ratings criteria include a world-class food scene, excellent hotels, friendly locals, and intriguing history. Considered one of the most beautiful cities in Europe, Porto is always full of tourists at any time of the year, especially because of its cultural and architectural wonders.

Portugal offers fantastic places for people seeking breathtaking cultural attractions and natural beauty. Outdoor enthusiasts love the Algarve, a Portuguese paradise in the extreme south of the country. According to the 2022 World Travel Awards, the Algarve ranks eighth among European destinations with the most sought-after beaches.

Sustainability and technology

Sustainability has emerged as a global concern in recent years, and because of its sustainable policies concerning the environment and people, Portugal stands out for its cities and freguesias that prioritize the environment. The country ranks 16th on the Global Sustainability Index and is one of the first countries worldwide to set a goal of carbon neutrality by 2050. Lisbon, for example, is notable for its low pollution levels and was chosen as the third best city to live in worldwide, according to the June 2022 issue of Monocle magazine, which evaluates the quality of life for 25 cities in the world.

With a strong entrepreneurial spirit, the capital of Portugal is a landmark not only in sustainability but also in modernity and technology. Lisbon is among the ten most popular ecosystems for European startups and ranks fourth this year, up two positions in comparison to last year’s ranking, according to the Startup Heatmap Europe Report 2022 from DEEP Ecosystems.

World reference in health

Not only is Portugal safe, sustainable, and inspiring, but it also ranks high in health care. The country ranks 17th in the 2021 Global Innovation Index in Health and has excellent performance in health care quality. In general, the quality of Portugal’s health care system achieves high scores in the WIHI (World Index of Healthcare Innovation) analysis, ranking third overall, with emphasis on the country’s medical structure and person-centered care.

Quality of life in Portugal

Portugal has always been recognized worldwide for its quality of life and safety, having been designated by the Global Peace Index as the world’s fourth-safest country. Portugal has gained even more prominence in recent years as the best place to retire. The country is an excellent retirement destination, especially for people who want to combine tranquility with great health services and an affordable cost of living.

According to the 2021 Expat Insider survey by InterNations, which focuses on the opinions of immigrants, Portugal ranks third in the category of quality of life, with additional high scores in the categories of leisure, environmental quality, health and well-being, travel, transportation, and digital life contributing to its overall position of fifth place in the world.

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