Pooling Capital for an EB-5 Green Card

Several questions are often asked about raising the required capital for the EB-5 program. In terms of gathering $1,800,000 or $900,000 (for rural investments or target employment areas), what options are available for potential investors?

Can the total amount of investment be shared among a group of friends is a common question. In short the answer is only one name can go on the investment documentation. This one person would qualify for the green card, and even their family members. However, the remaining parties in the group would not be eligible for the program.

However, it is possible for family members to pool their resources together and us it for the investment amount. If a spouse or children would join in the investment, they would still be eligible for the green cards. Not only will the investor need to contribute the minimum amount of $900,000 into the program, but is also required to create 10 full time jobs for American workers.

Pooling money into a Project

While the money cannot be pooled for a group of individuals on a single EB-5 visa petition, it is possible to pool each individual’s investment of their own application. This means that a group of investors can pool their minimum amount of their own EB-5 application into one project. For example, 50 investors could pool their initial investment of $900,000 into a large project worth $45,000,000. However, they would need to create 10 positions in the project for each investor application, meaning the project would have to employ 500 American workers in full time positions.

It is also important to remember that the USCIS will need to have a complete proof concerning the source of the funds. Each investor will have to provide records such as income statements, tax records or other forms of documents that will show that the amount of the investment came from a legal source. It may be in the best interest of the investors to seek the guidance of a professional immigration attorney who can assist in selecting the needed documentation and how to complete the process.

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