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Exploring New Paths to Success in the United States with Akanksha Mehta


Listen in to our recent conversation with Akanksha Mehta on our LCR Success Stories Podcast.

Akanksha is a Private Equity Associate with Fisher Lynch Capital in Boston, MA and a graduate of Wellesley College.

In this article we’ll be sharing excerpts from our conversation which you can listen to by subscribing to our podcast on iTunes or Spotify.

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Explore Your Curiosity

As a child, Akanksha had the benefit of visiting an aunt living in Chicago. Holidays and breaks were spent exploring the sights and experiences found in the USA. This pivotal role model helped plant the seed of curiosity within Akanksha at a young age.

As a high school student, the many interests of Akanksha started to surface psychology, biology, economics, and finance; to name a few.

In India the class sizes were gigantic with 60+ students in a classroom working towards a test score. This school environment wasn’t conducive to learning and critical thinking. With the help of a trusted guidance counselor Akanksha considered attending school outside of India.

Through her experience with the model UN, Akanksha was exposed to many students, countries and cultures. These experiences helped inform her decision to attend school in the United States.

Learn more about how to choose the right college here:

Amid a very successful collegiate experience Akanksha started to consider her next step.

“For me, the turning point was after my junior summer internships. My sophomore year I went back home to a private bank for an internship. For my junior year I opted to stay in the states to do an internship. The difference in those two experiences brought me great clarity.  The type of career I desired would be best found here in the states.”

Pursuing interests, being curious has always been important to Akanksha and through the EB-5 Visa program more opportunities and options are available.

Keys to Success

Once the decision to remain in the United States was made the next decision was how to make that a reality.  Akanksha and her family decided an EB-5 Visa would be the best next step allowing for maximum career flexibility and opportunity.

Here’s what Akanksha had to say about the experience of attaining her green card in the United States:

“LCR made the process extremely easy. Applying for a Visa involving the US immigration department can be stressful and it requires many iterations of documents. That effort was taken care of seamlessly by the team at LCR Capital.”

Three Keys to Success when Considering EB-5 Visa

  1. Be clear on the timeline and deadlines established. Having a partner that is experienced with the process, protocol and timeline is critical for success.
  2. Move towards the deadlines. With a large volume of documentation, forms, and procedures to follow pacing the completion is important. LCR’s team of professionals helps ensure that your investment meets the required EB-5 criteria during each step of the process.
  3. Patience with the timeline. The entire process from start to finish can take as little as two years* but there are points in this process that patience is required. There are many incremental milestones in the process of acquiring a green card. Having a partner like LCR Capital to support and keep the attention needed is often necessary.

As with all processes involving US Immigration, having a trusted and experienced partner helps ensure the best available outcomes.

Learn more about the processes and timeline of EB-5 Application here:

Bringing Career Options Front and Center

Unlike many green card options EB-5 green card holders are able to work within any field and without state restrictions. This was one very appealing element to the EB-5 Visa.  As a young professional, having career flexibility is incredibly important.

Some visa programs, such as the HB-1, require employer sponsorship that comes with federal, state and company stipulations.  Without employer sponsorship, Akanksha is able to pursue the start of her career and have an eye toward the future.

“I’m starting to look more closely at specializing within the healthcare sector. Being able to work with smaller high-growth health care companies who are solving the kinds of critical problems within the healthcare ecosystem.”

With the freedom to work and live anywhere in the US we’re excited to see the work and impact Akanksha makes in our global community.

A special thank you to Akanksha for sharing her story and insights with us. You can listen to the full interview on iTunes or Spotify.

*This timeline is for general informational purposes only. The actual time required to complete the EB-5 immigration process will vary based on the investment selected, each individual’s case, USCIS processing times, and other factors.

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