Ohio: The heart of America

Located in the east-central region of the United States, Ohio receives thousands of tourists every year, especially because of its urban centers. Some cities stand out: Columbus as the state capital and one of the most famous places in the state, Cleveland with its many tourist attractions in art, cuisine, and culture, and Canton as the birthplace of the National Football League. Cincinnati brims with cultural tours, museums, cavern tours, and craft breweries.

Outstanding in the world of sports

American football has been responsible for the lasting fame of Ohio, and every year the city of Canton receives thousands of visitors who want to see the busts of players and coaches who have contributed to the sport.

Canton is a region 100% involved with football. Apart from being the birthplace of the National Football League (NFL), the city was the home of the first two-time national champion team in history, the Canton Bulldogs. For this reason, the Pro Football Hall of Fame was opened in 1963 with a mission to “honor the heroes of the game, preserve its history, promote its values and celebrate its excellence anywhere.”

With small-town dimensions, Canton becomes a massive city as it hosts the fascinating history of the most beloved sport in the United States.

Beyond tourism

The state of Ohio is a major economic and industrial hub in the country and has an extensive supply of top-notch talent, a robust infrastructure, and a track record of manufacturing leadership. According to the 2021 CNBC Best States for Business ranking, among the nation’s 50 states, Ohio is the tenth-best state for business in the USA.

The transformation of the capital
The most populous city in Ohio, Columbus has undergone an intellectual and physical transformation. In March 2022, the CEO of Intel Corporation, a leading manufacturer of processors, graphics cards, memory technologies, and 5G connectivity, announced a $20 billion investment to build the largest chip factory in the world in the region. The once-peaceful capital is likely to undergo a big transformation

There are many reasons why Intel chose Columbus, but the two decisive factors were the local and state regulations and the availability of people with different talents. Ohio has many higher education institutions, with more than 15 engineering schools, and the students who graduate from the state’s academic institutions each year make the region even more attractive. The Ohio State University, located in Columbus, has repeatedly been named one of the best public institutions in the country.

Moreover, being centrally located, nearly every global supply chain has a strong presence in Ohio, and Intel’s decision will only strengthen its ability to manufacture and distribute the goods that keep the United States in constant movement. It doesn’t hurt that the state is providing tax benefits plus additional funding to help with the development of the physical plant.

There are optimistic forecasts for the coming years since the state’s investments will boost the global economy and technology industries as well as create opportunities for other companies in the region.

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