O que é um exame de proficiência? E como ele pode abrir portas para as pessoas?

The countries where English is the main language stand out among the most sought-after countries by Brazilians who want to work, study and/or live abroad. According to a list considering an immigration program published in 2021 by LCR Capital Partners and based on data from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, five out of the ten most sought-after countries by Brazilians who want to live abroad have English as their main language. These countries are the United States, Canada, Australia, the United Kingdom, and Ireland. But to study and work there, immigrants need to meet some requirements, such as successfully proving fluency in English, which is mandatory. As a result, it is necessary to officially prove this fluency, which can be accomplished by obtaining a proficiency certificate. Considering this, the article describes everything you need to know about proficiency certificates.

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