What are risks involved while getting US EB-5 visa program and how to manage them?

Shilpa Menon, LCR Capital Partners’ senior director in India, explains the potential pitfalls of negotiating the United States’ EB-5 immigrant investor visa process. While many would-be investors understand the basics of applying for the EB-5, including the benefits (such as getting a green card and eventual US citizenship) and the requirements (creating 10 jobs, among others), not everyone understands the risks that can derail your application. These risks threaten your ability to get your investment back and your ability to get that coveted permanent green card, and thus it’s crucial to engage with reliable professionals who know what they are doing and can get you through the complex process. For example, a major reason applicants can be denied a conditional green card, even after they are years into the process, is their failure to demonstrate that they legally acquired the funds they have invested—a reason you need an experienced immigration attorney to trace the origins of your funds to the satisfaction of USCIS. Among the many other risks that can arise: the EB-5 project you have invested in fails to create the 10 jobs required by the EB-5 program, or you may be unable to get your investment back if your conditional green card is denied. For these reasons and more, choosing legitimate, experienced EB-5 professionals is essential.

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