Lockdown Skills

The pandemic lockdown that has gripped the world since March 2020 has not stopped Indian business leaders from learning new skills to keep themselves busy and sane when not working. Food seems to be a running theme.

Yash Dongre, business head at House of Anita Dongre, honed his vegan baking skills (despite not being a vegan), and Swati Piramal of Piram Enterprises learned to make exotic gelatos. Others have mastered food photography and baking focaccia.

Radhika Ghai, cofounder of ShopClues, learned to solve the Rubik’s cube in 60 seconds. Suresh Rajan of LCR Capital Partners sharpened his video-calling and teleconferencing skills—all while running on a treadmill. He calls the possibly distracting noise “a productive and necessary evil.”

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