LCR is announcing its partnership with Kristal.AI

LCR Capital Partners is proud to announce that it is working with Kristal.AI, to encourage investors to think about alternative residency as an asset. Kristal.AI is a global, digital- first private wealth platform that provides its clients access to a diverse range of global investment products and strategies and other family office services. 

Kristal.AI and LCR both recognise that each client is unique and believe investment solutions should be less about tracking financial metrics and more about helping investors achieve their life goals. This could include providing clients with solutions to not only grow their wealth, but also secure it by creating opportunities to access the best professional development solutions in the world and education at top universities.

A family’s legacy and lifestyle would be enhanced when children from future generations are given the ability to live, study, and work in the country they desire through an alternate citizenship or residency.

“LCR works hard to help families achieve their full potential,” said Sherman Baldwin, CEO of LCR Capital Partners.  “Kristal.AI is a great partner because they understand the value of planning ahead and providing technology tools to help their clients. Their technology-enabled platform allows LCR to reach and serve  a greater network of investors who approach wealth planning with their life goals in mind.”

LCR is a private investment and advisory services firm that helps families access global opportunities. Whether it is securing a Green Card for a child who wants to study and work in the US, obtaining Portuguese residency for retirement with access to European healthcare, or accessing citizenship by investment programs such as in Grenada,  LCR can discuss how these options can solve the needs of a family.     

“Kristal.AI is expanding its footprint to serve a variety of clients including family offices that could potentially seek sophisticated financial products alongside investment opportunities enabling residencies and citizenships in different countries” said Asheesh Chanda, Founder and CEO of Kristal.AI.  “Our clients are global citizens who recognize the value of having alternative residencies.”

At Kristal.AI, technology is used to make investing more accessible and cost efficient.. The AI powered platform provides sophistication, transparency and cost efficiency than alternatives.  Retail investors, accredited investors, and family offices can access a variety of investment options from simple ETFs, hedge funds, structured products to alternative investments and private markets such as pre-IPO deals through its platform. We are excited to partner exclusively with LCR Capital on their EB5 program and feature this on our Kristal.AI platform.


About Kristal.AI

Kristal.AI is a global, digital wealth management platform. Kristal.AI offers attractive and bespoke investment opportunities for sophisticated investors. By combining the experience of our Investment Committee with advanced algorithms, Kristal.AI is able to give unbiased advice across products ranging across a wide spectrum of curated ETFs to PE Funds and Private Market (Secondaries). Investors can run their own custom portfolios using Kristal.AI’s advisory services or choose our discretionary investment mandates with active rebalancing.

The Kristal.AI Digital Family Office addresses the dynamic requirements of families. We have set up a Singapore Variable Corporate Company (VCC) for an institutional approach for consolidation and management of family wealth.

Visit the Kristal.AI website for more information:

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