LCR Sets Up New Investor Relations Team

At LCR Capital Partners, we understand the journey of EB-5 Immigrant Investors is not always easy. From application stage to I-526 approval and beyond, it can be a time of many questions for our clients and their families.

LCR recognizes that to be competitive it must provide a superior experience for its clients. As our investment firm expands, LCR Capital Partners is developing new services beyond the EB-5 program. We recognize our clients’ need for support beyond just the EB-5 transaction and strive to be an integral part of their American success story and help them grow as global families.

Gregory Sweeney - LCR Capital PartnersTo support this mission of being a trusted partner, Gregory Sweeney has been appointed as Managing Director for the new Investor Relations and Client Services team at LCR Capital Partners. Greg will help shift the focus of LCR’s client communication from being wholly centered on the EB-5 Investment Visa to focus more on the broader relationship with clients, helping them (or their children) achieve success as first generation Americans.

With our timely and relevant content, we will build on the existing commercial and client services teams to create a holistic approach with one focus: our clients. No two investor journeys are the same — we recognize that the decisions, challenges and questions our clients have are unique for their case. Investor Relations seeks to provide an extra layer of support as they go through the process.

Ilka Komatsu - LCR Capital PartnersIlka Komatsu has been promoted from Director to Senior Director for the existing Client Services team, and will work closely with the new Investor Relationship department.



Aliya Shakir Shaik - LCR Capital PartnersAliya Shakir was previously head of Client Services India, and has been promoted to Associate Vice President for Client Services, serving the India, GCC and Singapore regions.



Investor Relations will not replace the main contacts within the LCR commercial or client services teams, and other professionals like Immigration Attorneys and Wealth Advisors who got our investors through the application phase. The Investor Relations team will function as a resource in times of need, always ready with solutions, services and products.

LCR Capital Partners has successfully onboarded over 340 investors in the last two EB-5 projects and we look forward to serving our clients in the coming years and supporting them through the Investor Relations and Client Services team members they work with now.

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