LCR Capital Partners Supports Emerging Markets with Global Seminar Schedule

WESTPORT, CT:  LCR Capital Partners, a global investment firm that supports families with U.S. immigration needs, announced today it is launching an ambitious, 30-day education tour of 12 major metropolitan areas across SE Asia, Middle East and South America.  This tour will include private consultations with prospective high net worth clients as well as broader educational seminars.

LCR Capital is a partner-owned firm which finances the development of signature real estate projects across the United State through the US EB-5 visa program.  This Immigrant Investors program gives families that invest $500,000 in approved, job-creating projects the ability to apply for residency and afterwards a US Green Card.

LCR Capital is a leader in supporting new markets like India and Brazil, and focuses on conservative investments that preserve the investors capital.

Rogelio Caceres, LCR Capital Partners’ Co-Founder and Chief Commercial Officer, said: “Rather than rely on a single investor market like China that has been saturated by older players, LCR chose instead to devote itself to the development of largely overlooked emerging markets around the world. Since 2014, LCR has invested a considerable amount of effort and capital to build general awareness about the EB-5 program in these markets because we fundamentally believe that the EB-5 program is a powerful and valuable solution for individuals and their families looking to study or work in the United States.”

LCR has established a global network of partnerships with leading financial institutions and wealth management firms. Each new offering from LCR undergoes a multi-stage, institutional vetting processes required by these types of partners and which also rewards the firm’s new clients with the 3rd party oversight and due diligence they deserve.

The global seminar schedule, which can also be seen online here, includes:

  • South Africa:  Johannesburg (Aug 28  & Sept 2), Cape Town (Sept 5 & Sept 6)
  • Brazil:  Sao Paulo (Aug 29 & Sept 30), Rio de Janeiro (Sept 4 & Sept 27)
  • Indonesia:  Jakarta (Sept 10 & Sept 11)
  • Hong Kong:  Hong Kong (Sept 12th to Sept 14)
  • Singapore:  Singapore (Sept 15, 16 & Sept 17)
  • UAE:  Dubai (Sept 18 & Sept 19)
  • Oman:  Muscat (Sept 20 & 21)
  • India: Bombay (Sept 22 to Sept 24), Chennai (Sept 25), Bangalore (Sept 26 & Sept 27)

On 21 November 2019, new rules from the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) will come into effect.  This will increase the minimum investment amount and change how Targeted Employment Areas are defined.  LCR’s seminars will address all of the changes and offer solutions to allow families looking to live, study or work in the United States the ability to achieve residency in as little as 24 months under the current rule set and investment level.

About LCR Capital Partners

Founded in 2012, and led by classmates who met at Harvard Business School in the mid 1990’s, LCR Capital Partners is a global private investment and advisory firm which serves the U.S.-centric investment and residency aspirations of international HNW investors (and their families). The firm’s conservatively-structured private equity funds enable a highly sophisticated client base, typically senior-level professionals accomplished entrepreneurs, to achieve U.S. residency objectives which have become increasingly challenging and unpredictable to achieve without the benefit of an EB-5 investment visa.  LCR has directly sourced and is now building long-term, trust-based relationships with a rapidly-growing and diversified client base of over 600 U/HNW investors from 30+ countries (less than 3% of them are mainland Chinese-born).   LCR is headquartered in Westport, CT and runs a global network of five regional offices: Miami (Latin America); São Paulo (Brazil); Dubai (GCC), Cape Town (South Africa) and Mumbai (India).

Press Contact: John M. Baker – +1 646 684 7587 –

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