LCR Expands in India and Hires in Mexico City

Gokul Ahuja  and Roberto Camarena joined LCR Capital Partners in New Delhi and Mexico City, respectively, to help families interested in moving to the US or to Europe learn about their options and manage the process.

Investing in a second residency is a significant decision. It is why at LCR we believe that having teams in local markets is important. Whether the decision is to invest so a child can work without being sponsored, or to move an entire family to enable professional development across multiple generations, there are choices to make about financial details, the immigration process, and wealth management. We need to be close to our clients to be able to answer the questions that come up and provide the advice they deserve.

Gokul Ahuja

gokulIn India, LCR has hired Gokul Ahuja as a vice president. Gokul is based in Delhi and brings a wealth of experience working with high-net-worth families. Prior to LCR, he worked in educational consulting with Ivy Central and with He built his understanding of the EB-5 industry by spending three years with EB5 BRICS, an immigration agent that at the time focused on the India market for families interested in moving to the US.

“Gokul is a great addition to the LCR India team. Given his background and experience, he is able to explain complex immigration processes in simple, easy-to-understand terms, aligning perfectly with our advisory approach to working with clients. He has real empathy for our clients sending their children to study abroad because he himself completed his bachelor’s in the UK and has worked at education consultancies,” says Shilpa Menon, the senior director for LCR in India. “He is bright and brimming with ideas on how we can do things better.”

Roberto Camarena

robert-camarenaIn Mexico City, LCR has hired Roberto Camarena as a vice president in the Latin American team. Roberto joins LCR from Banobras, where he worked with foreign and local investors interested in developing infrastructure projects in Mexico. He has also worked as director of Asia Pacific and the Middle East for ProMexico, where he was in charge of coordinating investment strategies focused on different industrial sectors.

“Roberto brings deep experience in explaining project finance to foreign investors. On the Americas team, he will be working with Mexicans interested in the US and Europe, but also with families across the region that recognize they should consider obtaining a second residency given the political and economic uncertainty in their home countries. He has always worked with sophisticated investors and can go into detail on why LCR’s projects stand out as quality investments,” says Victor Espinosa, senior director of the Americas for LCR.

LCR is investing in its commercial team because we recognize the US offers an incredible opportunity to families across the world. With economic problems in China, uncertainty in Europe, and political instability in Latin America, the US is one of the few places where families can invest and build a strong future.

“We have many clients that have been able to preserve their wealth and set their families up for generations by deciding to move to the US. In the communities they join, they bring a global sophistication and immense talents—talent that will continue to build America as a powerhouse of innovation and business expansion for decades to come.” says Sherman Baldwin, CEO of LCR Capital.

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