Investor visa: A way out of the Covid-19 conundrum

In the wake of the effective shutdown of the H-1B and L-1 visas, the EB-5 immigrant investor visa may be a viable alternative for Indians who wish to study and live in the United States.

Despite exemptions to the H-1B and l-1 shutdowns for certain tech workers, uncertainty remains, and thus the EB-5 is becoming more attractive for those who are able to invest $900,000 in the US economy and provide jobs for 10 or more American workers.

It is also an attractive visa for students who want freedom to choose the industry they enter after university graduation. Other countries, such as Portugal, are offering similar immigrant investor visas that allow investors to enter the fast track for European Union residency.

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EB-5 Program Update:

The EB-5 Program has lapsed. The US Congress is discussing the legislation that authorizes the program while USCIS reviews the regulations and policies for filing. Because of the recent court ruling that reversed the 2019 Modernization regulations, the investment level has shifted temporarily from $900,000 back to $500,000.

If the program is reauthorized before the regulations are updated, there may be another window of opportunity to file at $500,000.

LCR expects the program to be reauthorized in February 2022, and continues to work with international families that want to explore alternative residency options.

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