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Immigrating to the United States with children, with Daniela Schelbauer

Daniela Schelbauer, originally from Brazil, is married and has two children, aged 5 and 2. The family recently relocated to Miami, Florida.

In this article, we share excerpts from our conversation with Daniela, which you can listen to in full by subscribing to our podcast on iTunes or Spotify.

A Vision for the Future

“Me and my husband have always wanted to leave Brazil,” Daniela shares. After exploring various residency options, the couple decided that the United States offered the most promise.
Security was a very important aspect for Daniela and her husband when deciding on where to move.

“In Brazil, our family and friends do not have the liberty and freedom they would like to, because of insecurity and violence. We always wanted our kids to live in a safer place” she shares. Daniela is most excited about what their new neighborhood offers their children: “It’s 2 blocks from the school my son is going to study at. It’s a very quiet neighborhood.” she explained. “There are no gates, no big brick walls around the houses. No private security all around, so that’s different coming from Brazil.”

Patience in the Process

The family decided to apply for the EB-5 visa with LCR Capital Partners.

Daniela commented that the hardest part was the wait.“We had to wait for almost 2 years to get the visa and be able to move. When you decide to do something like more to another country, I have a hard time managing my life where I am until that moment. All mid term [and] long term decisions were difficult for me”.

She found peace in knowing that with the EB-5 visa, she and her family have a better future, by having the freedom to live and work anywhere in the country.

Learn more about the processes and timeline of EB-5 Application here:

Advice for Families with Children Moving to the U.S.

Navigating a move with small children is always a challenge, but even more so with the added difficulties that this year has brought. Daniela was worried about how her children would adapt to their new environment.

She shared: “I talked to a lot of people that moved to the United States before,and moved with kids more or less around my kids age, and that helped a lot. Hearing about their experiences, how did their kids adapt, what were the tricky parts. It made me more comfortable and confident that it would be ok for them.”

Daniela encourages others to find similar support networks. The expat community in Miami in particular has been very welcoming, helping Daniela and her family create a home away from home.

Find your Comfort, but Always be Open to New Experiences

Even with the large Brazilian expat community in Miami, Danilela recognizes the importance of breaking out of her comfort zone and of remaining open to new networks and cultures. She says, “Sometimes I worry that we will meet so many people from Brazil, and we’ll just stay in the Brazilian community.

That’s not what I wanted when I decided to leave Brazil, so I think we’ll have to make an effort to try to make friends with people not from Brazil. The cultural richness that you can get is priceless.”
She discusses how being part of a multicultural environment will benefit her children, and her excitement for them learning multiple languages with fluency at such a young age.

Daniela is looking forward to building new relationships as strong as the ones she had in her home country. She is also happy that she and her husband now have access to job opportunities across the U.S., and that their journey is only just beginning.

Miami is Just the Starting Point

Unlike friends who worry about their job security and the possibility of staying in the U.S. with their employment-based visas, Daniela is comforted knowing that her family has the freedom to continue to explore new opportunities without any restrictions. She says, “It’s very good to know that we don’t have to worry about [going back to Brazil]. We will always have other options”

A special thank you to Daniela for sharing her story and insights with us. You can listen to the full interview on iTunes or Spotify.

*This timeline is for general informational purposes only. The actual time required to complete the EB-5 immigration process will vary based on the investment selected, each individual’s case, USCIS processing times, and other factors.

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