Immigrant Profile: Sundar Pichai


Sundar Pichai, is currently the CEO of the internet giant Google. He was born Pichai Sundararajan in India on the 12th of July 1972. Pichai was the son of a working middle-class family where Regunatha Pichai, his father, was an electrical engineer who managed a British owned company called GEC. The company made electrical components. Even his mother had worked as a stenographer prior to having her two children.

Immigration to the United States

It was said that Pichai was an outstanding student and showed much promise in his youth. His success in academics followed him through school at Padma Seshadri Bala Bhavan. Pichai would go on to earn a place in the Indian Institute of Technology located in Kharagpur. The university is considered one of the most highly favored engineering schools in India.

Pichai earned his Bachelor of Technology for Metallurgical Engineering from the Indian Institute of Technology before receiving a scholarship. The scholarship Pichai won allowed him to travel to study in the United States. He was able to complete his studies in material science and semiconductor physics at Stanford University. Pichai earned his masters in science.

Professional Background & Achievements

Throughout his studies, Pichai was lucky enough to attend a number of the most prestigious schools for his choice of study. After completing his study, Pichai went to work for McKinsey & Company in engineering and management for applied materials. Finally, in 2004, Pichai found his calling at Alphabet’s premier company, Google.

Pichai began his career with Google as the managing department head of Products and Engineering. His knowledge and experience help to innovate many Google products to include Google Chrome and Chrome OS. The innovative additions contributed by Pichai allowed these products to continue to be successful today.

Contribution to the U.S. Economy

Today, Pichai is the CEO of Google and has enjoyed a number of years at the company. His contribution to the American economy through the innovations at Google are too numerous to measure.

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