Immigrant Profile: Arianna Huffington


Arianna Huffington is well known for her contribution to journalism and as the co-founder and Editor in Chief of the Huffington Post. Arianna Huffington was born Ariadnē-Anna Stasinopoúlou in Athens, Greece in 1950.

She was born into a journalist and management consultant family. She moved to the United Kingdom at 16 to study economics at Girton College, Cambridge.

Immigration to the United States

She graduated with a master’s degree in Economics in 1972, and began working as a columnist, critic, and television host. She appeared on an edition of ‘Face the music’ with Bernard Levin and began to write books.

After ending a romantic relationship in England with Levin, Huffington moved to the United States and settled in New York in 1980. She began publishing a biographical book, ‘Maria Callas – The Woman Behind the Legend’. The book performed well and gave her notoriety among the city’s more social elite.

Professional Background & Achievements

Arianna made her mark in society as a conservative syndicated columnist and launched The Huffington Post. She also created an online voice portal that provided a place for critical observations in politics. She quickly gained celebrity status and gained a number of high-profile contributors to post their opinions on politics, news and culture.

Contribution to the U.S. Economy

Forbes added her to the list of the most influential women in media in 2009. Huffington was listed as the 12th position as the Guardian also added her to the top 100 media list. The Huffington Post was such a success that AOL bought her company in 2011 for $315 million and made her the president of the media group.

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