Florida: A Sunny Environment For Investment

Located in the southeastern region of the United States, Florida is famous internationally for being home to the world’s most visited theme parks, such as Walt Disney World Resort and Universal Studios Florida, each full of incredible attractions and immersive experiences. As amazing as the entertainment, tourism, and shopping opportunities are, however, the state has much more to offer.

Advantages of doing business in the state

Known as the “Sunshine State,” Florida is an excellent destination for entrepreneurs and is becoming one of the country’s new centers for technology entrepreneurship.

The US Chamber of Commerce ranked the state number two in terms of infrastructure for business, increasingly creating an auspicious environment—with favorable tax structures and government policies for business as well as competitive costs—that allows companies to grow quickly.

Florida is committed to becoming the largest hub of entrepreneurship and innovation in the world. Its access to a wide range of talent, its excellent infrastructure and global connectivity, and its large market have supported the growth of a robust economy and attracting new entrepreneurs.

Accelerated growth in the region

The US Bureau of Economic Analysis has determined that Florida’s GDP increased by 64% between 2010 and 2021, and the region continues to grow.

According to Forbes magazine, six of the ten fastest growing cities in the United States are in Florida. The Forbes survey considered population growth, increase in vacancies in the job market, and real estate market valuations.

A great place to live

Florida’s strong economic conditions make it an attractive region for investors and generates higher-paying jobs in several areas, such as IT, medicine, and engineering. Florida is an excellent option for foreigners thinking about moving to the United States.

After California and Texas, Florida ranks third in population in the United States. A survey by the US Bureau of the Census indicated that a major driver of the region’s population growth is that US residents and people who live in other countries consider Florida a great place to live. People migrate there for many reasons, but most are closely related to new job opportunities and the lower cost of living.

According to its 2021 rating of best states in the United States, US News & World Report ranked Florida third in education and eighth in fiscal stability. In general, few US states combine an excellent market with a vibrant flow of people and an attractive climate year-round, creating a perfect ecosystem for business and life.

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