Why is an RFE Raised?

USCIS may issue an RFE for virtually ANY reason, although the following reasons for an RFE are not unusual:

a) Source of Funds:

The USCIS may ask the Investor for further clarifications / paperwork that the money they are using to invest in the fund are absolutely clean and they had control over that money when they invested that amount. All of this paperwork is done by lawyers on behalf of the investors and hence the SOF is the most important check for this. If the lawyer himself does not approve the SOF, then the application must not be made, In which case we will not take the case until we are fully satisfied.

b) Job Creation or other project-related issues:

The USCIS may raise an RFE relating to the Fund (LCR) for evidence that the jobs were or are or will be created before the money is returned, or other business aspects of the investment. This is where the project due diligence plays such an important role and hence one must look at mature projects, which are nearing completion. Such an RFE requires the funds to prove that the at least 10 jobs per investor have been created.

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