What cost is typically associated with an EB-5 investment over and above the mandatory investment of USD 800,000?

The standard Administrative Fee in the EB-5 industry is $50,000 USD, which is what an EB-5 investor is typically charged by the issuer.

See table below for total fees/costs (and the timing) incurred by a new EB-5 investor across their 5-year investment.

@I526 Filing (At the time of filing)
At the Time of Filing:
USCIS Filing Fee: $3,675
Attorney Fee: Approximately $12,000-$15,000
Administrative Fee: $50,000
Principal Investment: $800,000

@I829 Approval (Approximately 60 Months from above filing)
USCIS Filing Fee: $3,990
Attorney Fee: Approximately $5,000

At this time (approval of I-829), investment capital can be returned.

Does this include all fees across the board or are there any other out of pocket expenses that may arise?

There are no other fees. If the client chooses to hire 3rd party tax advisors, those fees are of course additional. This does not cover travel expenses to the U.S. etc., of course.

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