What are some benefits to the EB-5 program?

The EB-5 Program offers a host of benefits to the investor, including but not limited to:

  • Higher acceptance rates to top U.S. universities (over 4x improvement due to not being subject to international student quotas)
  • In many cases, lower tuition costs and access to wide variety of merit-based scholarships
  • Eliminates difficulties obtaining summer internships and full-time positions
  • Expands employment opportunities after graduation (not subject to annual H1-B annual visa lottery)
  • Ability to pursue entrepreneurial U.S.-based career opportunities after graduation
  • Direct path to U.S. citizenship (within 5 years of the green card)
  • Green Cards for the Family with One Investment: A one-time investment of $800,000 provides green cards for an investor, his/her spouse, and children under 21 years of age.
  • Easy to Qualify: No specialized skills required. No travel or age restrictions, and no language skills requirements.
  • Personal and Professional Freedom and Security: Investors can live, work, and retire anywhere in the U.S., travel easily to other countries, and no language skills are required. EB-5 participants can pursue a full range of professional and business opportunities in the world’s largest economy.
  • Healthcare: Investors can gain access to the same high-quality healthcare available to U.S. citizens.
  • Children’s Education: Investors’ children may qualify for state and federal financial aid and pay reduced “in-state” tuition at public universities.
  • Passive Investing: Through the Regional Center option, third parties manage the investments and all aspects of the project.
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