Education abroad: Portugal, a gateway to Europe for international students

Gen Z students are far more likely to travel abroad for their studies, writes Shilpa Menon of LCR. As of 2019 (the last year for full statistics), 6 million students are studying abroad, many flocking to North America and Western Europe. In 2022, Indian students are second after China among international students, with 130,000 Indians going out of country to study. What’s new is that Gen Z students cite personal growth and independence–rather than financial gain–as one of their main goals for their college education. Among countries drawing international students, Portugal ranks high, with 50 universities and 84 public and private colleges, with three (Porto, Lisbon, and Coimbra) among the top European universities. With one of the world’s lowest crime rates and ranked 4th among expats, Portugal has become a place where international students are considering permanent residency through the Portugal Golden Visa and other routes rather than temporary student visas.

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