Why do US, Canada & Western Europe attract Indian Students?

Surging numbers of students are pursuing their degrees internationally, with the highest percentages coming from India and China. In the US, international students can extend their stays by 17 months by taking Optional Practical Training (OPT) after earning their STEM degrees, whereas students in non-STEM fields are eligible only for 12-month stays. But after OPT, things get tricky, with H-1B employer-sponsored visas increasingly hard to get (70% are rejected). As a result, more Indian graduates are applying for EB-5 visas, which require an investment in US businesses but which allow visa holders to travel, work, and study without being attached to an employer. Other investor visa programs, such as the Portugal Golden Visa (PGV) and the Canada Golden Visa, are also becoming popular with Indian students; for example, the PGV leads to permanent residency in Portugal and thus access to the entire European Union, with the possibility of citizenship after five years.

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