Brasileiros estão entre as nacionalidades que mais aplicam para o visto EB-5 dos Estados Unidos

The United States is one of the top two countries chosen by Brazilian nationals who want to move abroad. Among visas allowing foreign nationals to immigrate legally is the EB-5 investor visa, which appeals to Brazilians looking to immigrate for reasons of better education and a better quality of life, according to Ana Elisa Bezerra, vice president of LCR Capital Partners – Brazil. The EB-5 investor visa stands out for the possibilities it offers for enabling legal immigration for eligible investors. Brazilians are the second-largest nationality among LCR clients seeking the EB-5 visa, with 29% of EB-5 clients coming from Brazil. According to Bezerra, the EB-5 is a popular path to the “American dream” among Brazilians because it grants permanent residency to the applicants and their families (spouses and children up to 21 years old).

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