The best destinations for global executives

The job market has always been in constant transformation. The ability to work anywhere in the world arose from the combination of globalization and the internet-enabled remote work style—and remote work has become even more popular in the post-pandemic era.


The opportunity to work from home has provided new possibilities in a wide variety of industries. Remote jobs have become a trend, especially among people looking for new experiences, exposure to different cultures, and global mobility, all without being forced to step away from their professional responsibilities.

Countries such as Portugal, the United States, and the United Arab Emirates, for example, have implemented visa programs for digital nomads, allowing them to work legally while also granting them more time and freedom. These digital nomad programs thus contribute to the economic growth of the host countries and attract increasing numbers of people who want to combine residence or work with an improved quality of life.

Additionally, once digital nomads experience the success of their temporary stays, they often end up moving permanently to the new country. People who do not need to work in a specific physical office and who wish for an international experience still have specific needs to take into account when choosing a new destination.

Previously chosen only by freelance professionals, visas for digital nomads have become even more popular among workers in different industries, including those from the corporate world who can meet their work responsibilities remotely.

With this in mind, the Executive Nomad Index created by Savills (a Britain company specializing in property consulting services) ranked more than 15 locations that can be attractive and interesting long-term destinations for workers. The ranking considered indicators such as internet speed, quality of life, climate, air connections, and housing rentals, among others. Here are the top six destinations.

6. Barcelona, Spain

Barcelona takes 6th place in the Executive Nomad Index ranking. With very good internet connectivity and extensive air and rail connections, the city stands out for being one of the most sought-after destinations by executive nomads who have particular interest in co-working spaces, beaches, and other places with good connectivity.

Cosmopolitan, multicultural, and modern, Barcelona is rising faster than other locations in Europe as a destination for digital nomads. Barcelona invests heavily in new technologies and infrastructure, attracting increasing numbers of people, mainly from North America, northern Europe (including Scandinavia), and the United Kingdom, who want to invest in the country.


Barcelona, Spain

5. Barbados

Taking 5th place in the ranking is Barbados, a small independent island country in the Caribbean region. The country has gained prominence in the rankings for having the fastest internet in the Caribbean, resulting in greater connectivity for global executives to succeed from anywhere in the world.

According to the Savills survey, the favorable and pleasing climate and good airline connections are also important factors when classifying the country as a great choice to establish a residence.

During the pandemic, the government introduced a “welcome stamp,” allowing foreign individuals or families to work remotely on the island for a maximum of 12 months. While visitors initially rented properties, many of them fell in love with the country and started buying properties, becoming buyers instead of just guests.


Barbados, Caribbean

4. The Algarve, Portugal

Located in the south of the country, the Algarve region is one of the most famous European summer destinations and offers possibilities similar to the capital city Lisbon, with unique attributes such as its beautiful beaches and nature reserves. It’s possible to live in a beautiful villa in the Algarve while managing your overseas company.

Entrepreneurs who intend to live or work in Portugal are attracted by its status as a growing hub in the technology industry, where the current low cost of real estate (outside of the large urban centers) makes the country a great option for foreign nationals.

3. Dubai, the United Arab Emirates

Taking 3rd place in the ranking is Dubai, in the United Arab Emirates. The city tops the Savills index for airline connections, with connections to more than 240 worldwide destinations in 100 countries. Additionally, many foreign entrepreneurs choose Dubai for their businesses thanks to remote work, resulting in a major leap in rentals in Dubai that has driven the market for permanent residences and encouraged an influx of new residents.

To attract digital nomads, the government of Dubai has implemented an exclusive program that allows digital nomads to live in the country while working for companies based in their home countries. Over one year, applicants for this program can benefit from numerous advantages, such as the high-quality digital infrastructure and connectivity of the country, its safety, its high quality of life, the opportunities for global networking, and zero income tax.

The United Arab Emirates aims to attract global workers with a good mixture of lifestyle advantages and tax benefits.


Dubai, United Arab Emirates

2. Miami, United States

In 2nd place in the ranking is the city of Miami in the United States. Located in the state of Florida, this coastal city is the gateway not only for many tourists who dream of visiting the United States, but also for executives who see an opportunity to settle comfortably while they develop their companies.

The region is considered a remarkable destination for remote work in the United States because of its good digital infrastructure, its booming real estate rental market, and its convenient airline connections.

With the number of technology investors and financial services companies growing in South Florida, Miami has become an important hub for these industries and a top destination for companies to locate.

Miami, United States

Miami, United States

1. Lisbon, Portugal

At the top of the ranking is Lisbon, the capital city of Portugal. In addition to its high quality of life, its safety and security, its low levels of pollution, and its favorable year-round climate, Portugal has also gained the top spot in the survey for offering a high integration among its various services, as well as for its large local workforce.
Proof of Portugal’s livability is that two of the top six spots in the survey go to Portugal (Lisbon at number 1 and the Algarve at number 4).

Lisbon, Portugal

Lisbon, Portugal

Who are these executive nomads?

Executive nomads are professionals who perform their jobs regardless of location. The word “nomad” refers to professionals who do not have an established residence or routine, and many of them frequently travel.

With greater purchasing power than regular freelancers or general digital nomads, executive nomads tend to focus more on their health, their well-being, and the quality of their general lifestyle than on a typical work routine in a physical office.
As long as travel connections are good and high-speed internet is reliable, executive nomads (and their families) are motivated to move around the world as they please.

How do executives benefit from remote work?

The possibility of traveling the world and working from anywhere in a destination fully prepared for executives is a lifestyle that many people seek today.

Far from the exhausting and monotonous routines of the office, remote work makes it possible for people to stop squeezing themselves into pre-established work styles and to create their own work setups.

Going beyond the benefits of flexible hours, internalization of processes, and better integration between people and places, professionals who work remotely also have the opportunity to learn about new cultures, expand their perspectives, and inspire themselves, all of which will certainly improve the quality of their work!

How do you become an executive nomad?

To be an executive nomad, you need to know that your routine will be full of new experiences and the potential for unpredictability. This lifestyle can be suited to people in a wide variety of occupations, but there are some basic requirements for its success.
Searching for relevant and essential information to understand if this type of work matches your expectations can help you to choose a country that meets your needs and your desires, which is one of the most important factors to consider.

Each country has its own rules, culture, quality of life, degree of mobility, and other aspects that can influence your new journey positively or negatively.

That is why you should choose your ideal destination based on more than economic reasons or a favorable geography, for example, but also because many countries offer exclusive conditions and advantages for people who want to transform markets for holiday rentals into markets throughout the year.

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