LCR Analysis of SEF Statistics | September 2022

The Portugal Golden Visa is an investor visa program that benefits individuals and families, providing them the right to live, work, study, and/or retire in Portugal and the European Union. The program also opens a gateway to get Portuguese citizenship for investors and their families.

Since its creation in 2012, the program has invested approximately €6.5 billion in Portugal’s economy. Between October 2012 and September 2022, Portugal issued a total of 11,180 Golden Visas, with 5,194 going to investors from China, 1,137 from Brazil, 530 from Turkey, 474 from South Africa, and 483 from the United States, the top five nationalities to receive the Golden Visa so far. Another 3,362 visas went to investors from other countries.

September 2022 totals were considerably higher than those from August 2022. In September, Portugal issued 120 Golden Visas (an increase of 55% over August), and visa recipients invested €67,427,208.70 in the Portuguese economy (an increase of 79% over August).portugal-sef-door

Number of Visas Issued

As of September 2022, the program has not only issued 11,180 investor visas since the start of the program in 2012 but also benefited 18,368 additional family members. In September the top five nationalities to receive the Portugal Golden Visa were investors from China (26), the United States (17), the United Kingdom (16), Brazil (14), and India (7).

Investment Modalities

Of the 120 Golden Visas that Portugal issued in September 2022, 100 were for investors acquiring real estate (56 new properties and 44 real estate rehabilitations) and 20 were for investors who invested in capital investments (5 capital transfers and 15 investments in the venture capital/investment funds modality). The 100 real estate acquisitions added approximately €57 million to Portugal’s economy, and the capital investments totaled approximately €10.3 million, for a total investment of €67,427,208.70 in September.

Final Considerations

In September, investors acquired significantly more real estate properties than in August (100 vs. 64). Overall, September was a strong month for the program, showing investors’ preference for real estate over the capital investment modality. The capital transfer investment modality uniquely appeared in September, with 5 investors.

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