The Top Advantages of the Portuguese Golden Visa Program

In 2012, Portugal began its Golden Visa Program. The program was one of the most popular amongst comparable countries in that it could help to fast track residency into the European Union. This allowed for a number of benefits to investors and their families.

The investment program into Portugal made a lot of sense for investors already or intending on doing business in Europe. The program offered several other benefits as well. For example, the program has many different investment options that can help investors to afford the program.

Another benefit included the minimum amount of days that is required to meet residency standards, only 7 days. Not only did the program open the doors of the European Union to investors, but it also provided a way to give a better lifestyle to their families. Each investor and their family members were also given a citizen-like welcome into their new homes.

A list of the advantages that a Golden Visa offers its investors in the program:

Link to European Citizenship

Once gaining Portuguese residency, investors and their family members will have the freedom to travel around the EU without visas. Each of the Schengen Countries allows for Portuguese citizens to enter those countries without the need for another visa.

Citizenship in Portugal can be obtained in as little as five years. Portugal is also one of the few countries that offer dual citizenship. Moreover, the Portuguese passport will allow citizens to travel to over 184 countries across the globe.

It is also important to note that the Portuguese passport is considered to be the fifth strongest passport worldwide. Portuguese’s residence will have the ability to live and work in the EU and travel as they please anywhere they would like to go.

The market potential for Real Estate

From lessons learned in the last financial crisis that struck the global market, real estate is perhaps the best choice in investments for the future. Currently, there is growing demand in real estate, and its need is expected to continue growing. For investors who are looking to enter the EU, Portugal is a great place to begin to think about investing in the real estate market. Whether the investor decides on rentals, buying and selling or some other type of real estate business, the EU is a great place to secure a future. Since Portugal was able to recover so well after the crisis, there are several tax benefits that the country also offers its investors. The real estate option of investing has been one of the most popular ways to achieve the dream in Portugal.

Healthcare and Education

Once enrolled in the program, parents will be able to send their children to either public or private institutions to gain their education. There are many schools where the tuition is free of charge. However, even if the tuition is not free, there are still great opportunities at considerably lower costs that are found in other countries.

Even if the tuition is cheap, by no means, this reflects on the quality education that they will receive. Another great family benefit is the universal health care system that is offered in Portugal. There are a number of healthcare facilities in every location around the country that provide the best treatment of their patients.

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